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Baby Back Ribs
Season bone and meat sides, set grill temp. on low. Grill bone side down for 30-40 min., Grill meat side down for 30-40 min. Place bone side down and brush meat side with BBQ sauce if desired. Cook at lowest temp. possible ( I even turned 2 burners off on 3 burner grill) for 30 - 40 min. Had great grilled flavor with slight char on edges ! yummy!

Baby Back Ribs

Wrapped in Bacon
I helped a friend that has a bar do a promotion for breast cancer awareness and we had a promotion in hiss bar for a Green Bay Packer game. My wife and I volunteered to make these kraut dogs for the game so we made up 80 of them ( and they were gone before half time ) I fired up the grill once they were made up and cooked all 78 ( 2 were tasters ) and didn't have one flare-up using the Grill N Pal, I just wiped the excess grease out of the holding tray and kept going. The grilling took about 2 hours, no flare-ups and a lot of happy people at the game. This year we are making 125 so maybe we will make it to the third quarter.
Use the Grill N Pal and enjoy all the good foods cooked right.''

Bacon Wraps

Taste For Pizza
I had the taste for pizza the other night but didn't want to heat up the oven in the house.This is a 12" pizza purchased from local store. Pre heated Grill N Pal for 2 minutes on my gas grill -- cooked thawed pizza for 6 min.
This had great wood oven cooked flavor with crunchy crust!
Thought some might want to try this.

Grilled Pizza



"Grilling is made easier with your product because the heat is spread evenly under the Grill N Pal."

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Baby back ribs
Had great grilled flavor with slight char on edges ! yummy!!

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